Attention Valued Customers: 📢 "Please be informed that there is a $20 convenience fee for every transaction" | Attention Valued Customers: 📢 "Please be informed that there is a $20 convenience fee for every transaction" | Attention Valued Customers: 📢 "Please be informed that there is a $20 convenience fee for every transaction"
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  • NO Tobacco
  • NO illegal drugs
  • NO underage drinking
  • NO standing on seats
  • NO sitting on back of seats
  • NO food
  • NO gun and/or knives
  • In order to prevent excessively large spills, Kegs and barrels of beer are prohibited
  • If you do spill, please clean up right away
  • Guests are welcomed to bring their own beverages. However, guest may not carry open containers onto or off the bus
  • While bus is in motion, all passengers must be seated behind the driver
  • Standing while the bus is in motion could result in injury. Waves Party Bus is
  • NOT responsible for any injuries due to a passenger who stands while bus is in motion
  • Please use the party pole in a safe manner
  • Failure to obey all rules can result in early termination of the trip. No refunds will be issues
  • Dash camera in use at all times for drivers and passengers protection

$300 is required to hold your date and serve as a security deposit for any damages. Please send your deposit via website: Click “Pay Now”

The deposit is separate from the payment/gratuity and will be returned as long as the contract is followed.

A cancellation notice is required 30 days in advance for a full refund, no refunds without 30 days or more notice.

Your agreed upon price :  $135/hr
The full payment can be paid in cash at the time of pick up, or via website. All prices include sales tax.
*GAS SURCHARGE* Any trips that are more than 45 miles one way will be subject to an additional Gas charge. Which is $150

The driver inspects the bus before, during, and after each rental.

In the event of damage, the customers shall/ will be responsible for any repairs or cleaning. If damages exceed the deposit fee, the customers will be held responsible for the balance: 

  • Cracked or Broken windows
  • Smoking Burns
  • Excessively spilled fluids
  • Any damage to seats
  • Damage to lights, TVs, remotes or Stereo equipment, Tablets, etc.
  • Overall Excessive wear and tear
  • Vomit (AUTOMATIC $200)

“By accepting the Terms & Conditions of Waves Bus, you agree to a deduction of $150 from the security deposit if you select ‘No‘ in response to the question ‘Is your trip over 45 miles one way?’ but the actual distance is found to exceed 45 miles.”

“If any portion of your security deposit is deducted to cover damages or losses, you will be required to pay the $150 gas surcharge fee for trips over 45 miles one way separately.”

A cancellation notice is required at least 30 days in advance for a full refund of your deposit. No refunds without 30 days or more notice.

All cancellation must be in writing and emailed to

By signing this agreement I accept responsibility for all actions of the people on the bus and understand the Waves Party Bus shall not be held responsible for any actions by passengers leading to personal injury.

  • Please Sign and Fill out information
  • Copy your Drivers License and attract with this form

Please send your deposit, contract, and copy of your driver’s license within two days of confirming that you are making a reservation.

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